About Kane9

Rising Massachusetts teen producer/composer

Christopher Miles Kane (Kane9) has released a 20-track Hiphop-Pop break-through fusion album, "Am I Invisible?" 

He composed and produced all the music playing m-audio keystations and using Logic Pro X recording technology. He mixed and mastered the entire album himself at Hound Dog Studio in Sturbridge, MA. 

His songs include Rap, Pop and Alternative with fire beat writing, heavy vocal sauce, poetic lyrics, and fully orchestrated and layered song sequences. He plays a variety of live synthesizers on most all the songs. There are creative surprises sprinkled all over his production that define him as an innovative and upcoming artist.

Now almost 16 years old, Kane9 began pursuing a Hiphop-influenced vocalist, beats, songwriting, and production career at age 10. He previously released three other full-length Rap-centric albums and several supporting full length videos.

Kane9’s newest music is available for listening or free download by pushing the button below.